Artificial lift service pack (oil production operator)

Complicated well fund Analysis

ELKAM provides full package of works for complicated Customer’s well fund analysis with the following equipment selection to increase artificial lift efficiency for complicated well stock of the Customer: sampling of production fluid for laboratory testing; laboratory testing of production fluid; selection of chemical agents for paraffines deposits prevention; analysis of artificial lift well fund; well survey.

Equipment selection

Our R&D team counts 37 highly qualified specialists – engineers and technologists. They quickly perform high quality “turn-key” selection of oil production equipment on the basis of complete analysis of complicated well fund of a Customer . According to well data (well production characteristics, conditions, fluid composition, etc.) received from a Customer our specialists select well operation method, make well design, choose operation mode and enhance it.

Package supplies of equipment

Today ELKAM is a package supplier of oil production equipment. We provide full service aimed at efficiency increase of Customers’ complicated well fund production including: сomplicated well fund analysis; equipment selection; manufacturing and supply of equipment; equipment installation and commissioning; well servicing and workover; repair, overhaul and guarantee of oil production equipment; design, construction and operation of maintenance workshops for surface and submersible equipment, sucker rods, casing and tubing.

Equipment installation

ELKAM provides engineering services and full support for Customers during all the period of equipment supplies: acceptance and receipt inspection of equipment at Customer’s warehouse; equipment installation and commissioning; operational control of well and submersible equipment; well servicing and workover; repair and servicing of oil production equipment. Our specialists perform supervision including Customer’s personnel training.

Complicated well fund operation

ELKAM provides full service for Customers’ complicated wells production enhancement. We apply individual approach to each well and offer the most efficient solution. Our services for Customer’s complicated well fund operation include: well fund analysis including analysis of well; selection of oil production technology and equipment for specific well; well commissioning including well operation modes enhancement; monitoring of well operation; oil production equipment servicing; well servicing and workover.

Well servicing & workover

One of the main activity areas of our company is well servicing. Our specialists have already performed 520 well repairs including well killing, testing and comissioning. Our company has 3 teams for well servicing and overhaul and 2 teams for flexible cable rod installation. All the works are performed under supervision of highly qualified specialists strictly according to the requirements of technical instructions, environmental, health and safety rules.

Repair & overhaul, warranty maintenance

ELKAM has several service facilities within the territory of Russia (Perm city and Perm region, Nizhnevartovsk, Izhevsk), the Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa) and CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan) including consignment stocks for repair and overhaul of oil production equipment. We perform repair, overhaul and warranty maintenance of oilfield equipment (submersible and surface) both in-house manufactured and others. Application of up-to-date technologies and tools, high professionalism of our personnel allow to increase runlife of pumping equipment and as the result to decrease costs of oil companies for artificial lift oil production.