Complicated well fund survey

Collecting of fluid samples

Laboratory tests require necessary quantity of production fluid from submersible pumping equipment and pipelines (oil, water, deposits, ARWD, salts). ELKAM collects all types of samples from wells, pipelines and bottom holes to develop methods and solutions for prevention of complications during wells interventions including well servicing and repair of oil flow pipeline, flushing (cleaning) of well bottom hole.

Formation fluid Analysis

Analysis of oil, water and deposits forms full control of conditions at all stages of technological process of oil production, transportation and treatment. ELKAM has its own testing laboratory with up-to-date equipment for fast and precise identification of all key parameters of oil and fluid such as mineralization, quantity of solids, viscosity, gravity, aggressiveness , surface tension, quantity of chlorides and iron sulfide, content of ARWD, salines, hydrates and etc.

Chemical agent selection

Application of chemical agents for oil production, transportation and treatment is the most efficient solution for deposits. ELKAM has its own testing and analytical laboratory with the advanced equipment for development of chemical agents against asphalt-resin-wax deposits (ARWD), salines, hydrate deposits, corrosion inhibitors and demulsifies for viscosity reduction. Before field application we perform laboratory tests.

Artificial lift well fund Analysis

Artificial lift well fund has a steady tendency of equipment failure increase caused by high quantity of solids contained in fluid and sloughing from formation due to technological impact, scale and ARWD. Presently existing methods of deposits control are not always efficient. ELKAM analyzes artificial lift well fund and issue recommendations for improvement of equipment runlife and production efficiency.

Well logging

Well logging is a complex of physical methods used for rock study near the well-bore and in interwell space as well as for control of technical condition of wells. Exploration works are performed upon well servicing and well operation. ELKAM performs full range of field geophysical, geological and technological, hydrodynamic research on oil production and injection well fund.