Equipment installation

Installation supervision

Our specialists supervise equipment installation and well commissioning till operation start and pressure testing including equipment incoming inspection at Customer's wellsite. Further they work in touch with oil production departments of our clients monitoring equipment operation efficiency. We also provide training programmes for Customer’a employees: servicing, installation, inspection, etc.


Commissioning - key technological process directly affecting on operation of downhole oil production equipment, its runlife and TBO as well as cost of produced oil. Commissioning works are performed by qualified specialists of our company with the application of necessary technological tools and in accordance with tested work performance procedures. We have ten year of successful commissioning performance at Customers’ complicated well fund increasing efficiency of equipment operation.


Supervising means providing personnel services of control for all types of work at the wells, developing and delivering report documents to the Customer, coordinating activities of all the contractors involved in the operation process at the wellsite. We provide services of coordination and control for performance of drilling works, well survey, testing as per confirmed working plan and established safety rules and regulations. Presently ELKAM performs 5 supervision contracts.