Equipment selection

Production method selection

Well operation is a technological process of well fluid lifting from formation to wellhead. Wells can be operated by different methods – free flow or artificial lift. Production method selection is performed on the basis of the following well data provided by a Customer: operation conditions, physical and chemical characteristics of well fluid, depth of productive formation, wellbore design. Specialists of ELKAM’s technological department select equipment for wells operated by both methods free flow and artificial lift: sucker rod pump, electric submersible pump, progressive cavity pump, jet pump, free flow.

Well design

Well design of sufrace and subsurface pumping equipment depends on oil production conditions – gas-oil-ratio, viscosity and emulsions, well depth, quantity of solids, production rate, well profile, etc. ELKAM specialists make well design using “Autotehnologist” developed by Russian State University of Oil and Gas. On the basis of well data provided by a Customer we make the most appropriate well design with surface drive (beam pump, hydraulic pumping unit, belt drive), sucker rod pump, sucker rods string, tubing, pump accessories if necessary.

Formation pressure maintenance

ELKAM provides surface & subsurface equipment for formation pressure maintenance: water injection filtering element (W.I.F.E.) and ESP based injection pumping system. Our specialists can select and offer both separate elements or whole equipment sets as well as make an analysis of injected fluid characteristics, its volume and operating pressures. On the basis of Customer’s requirements we develop equipment set and well design, configuration and installation lay-out at wellhead.

Well operation mode

Well operation mode is a set of general paramerets of well operation which ensures safe and reliable well operation. Well operation mode is defined by the following main parameters: formation, bottom-hole and wellhead pressures; liquid flow rate; water cut, gas factor and quantity of solids; size & type of installed equipment, its operation data. Specialists of our company choose efficient operation mode of wells on the basis of the data provided by Customers and perform full service for its enhancement.