Electric submersible pump set

Electric submersible pump

Electrical submersible pump (ESP) for oil production has a multi-stage design. Each stage consists of the following parts: body, shaft, stage rotors, top and bottom guide bearings, centerline support, head, base. ESPs design differs by materials of operating pump parts, body parts, friction couple; configuration and quantity of guide bearings.


Protector is a device designed to prevent entering of formation fluid into inner cavity of electric motor and oil leakages (serves as sealing); to transfer rotary moment to the shaft of ESP; to accommodate temperature expansion of oil volume inside inner cavity of electric motor (surplus of oil is thrown out to annular space of the well through the valves) and to equalize pressure inside engine cavity with pressure of formation fluid in a well.

Downhole motor

Downhole motor is ESP drive used for conversion of electric power supplied across the wire to mechanical power of pumps rotation. This is a motor of special design which poses induction, three-phase, bipolar, motor. It is full of low viscosity oil which serves as lubricant for rotor bearings. Besides it transfers heat to engine body washed by production fluid stream.

Input module

Input module joints with protector shaft by splined couplings at the bottom and with the shaft of ESP bottom section at the top so that during ESP unit operation rotation of motor shaft and protector is transferred through the module to pump sections. In addition input module can filter formation fluid from solids and serve as gas regulator (stabilizer).


Submersible wire is a flat armored three-core cable. Its length depends on setting depth of downhole part of ESP. This wire is round at the surface up to the setting depth. Its downhole part alongside the pump and protector is flat. Wire change from round to flat is hot spliced. Its actual (manufactured) length is 800 -1800 meters. Power loss is 25-125 V per each 1000 meters.

Control box

For optimization and automatization of oil production process and also for decreasing of expenses for power consumption our company develops and manufactures control boxes which are able to ensure full protection of the whole pumping system preventing accidents. Also they ensure full independence of operations even in the simplest package. ELKAM’s line of control boxes include VSD and intellectual control boxes with the ability of connection of additional control devices (telemetry systems; sensors of pressure, vibration, temperature, rod position; etc.)