ESP alternative

Sucker rod displacement pump NNVD

Sucker rod displacement pump NNVD differs from conventional one by its design – it has a plunger with hollow rod and leak-proof seal of hollow rod. In contrast with conventional SRP plunger of NNVD has no impact of tubing fluid column, fluid from plunger flows in hollow rod but not in the space above the plunger. If compare NNVD pump with conventional SRP or ESP it has the same drive, quantity of strokes and flow rate but its setting depth is up to 2700 meters.

High-rate SRPs

ELKAM manufactures and supplies specialized pumps for high rate wells. Dual operation pump: having equal size and flow rate as conventional tubing pump Ø70 mm it ensures decrease of maximum impacts on beam pumping unit and specific energy consumption for 30% by means of energy of pulling down rods. “Tandem” pump is specialized SRP with two plungers, hollow rod and plate type valves. It can operate in casing of small diameters from 114 mm and has smaller overhaul dimensions in comparison with conventional tubing pump of Ø70mm.

Flexible cable rod

Flexible cable rod equipment set is used for oil production from horizontal wells or rat holes with casing of small diameter and drift angle up to 90 degrees. Equipment set consists of sucker rod string, flexible cable rod, crossover coupling, specialized sucker rod pump SPeaR and slot filter. Usage of cable at the interval of intense drift deviation allows avoiding friction between tubing string and rods due to less friction force.