Progressive cavity pump set

Progressive cavity pump

Progressive cavity pump (PCP) is used for pumping formation fluid with high viscosity, high GOR and high solids content. PCPs operation principle is rotary liquid displacement. These pumps are applied in such complicated operating conditions as viscous oil (200 cPs), high gas content upon high bubble point, low flow ratio. Also PCPs are adopted for pumping formation fluid with high solids content (up to 400 mg/l).


Drive of progressive cavity pump is used to transfer rotary movement from electric motor to the sucker rod string and pump. Pulleys of various dimeters and VSD allows to control flow rate without pump replacement and additional run-in-hole / put-out-of-hole operations. PCPs can be operated with surface or subsurface drives depending on oilfields operating conditions.

Sucker rods

Sucker rods are applied for transmission of reciprocating movement to downhole pump and rotation movement to the rotor of PCP from surface drive. Our company supplies various types of sucker rods: conventional solid sucker rods, hollow sucker rods for specialized solutions, flexible cable rod for deviated wells and other types of sucker rods. Besides we supply polished rods (solid and hollow).

Wellhead equipment

Wellhead equipment is used for hermetic sealing and flow spreading of fluid and injecting chemicals as well as for tubing hanging. ELKAM provides various types of wellhead equipment for different well operation methods including simultaneous oil production and injection.


Wire is used for power supply to downhole (electric centrifugal or progressive cavity) pumps. It is being operated in extremely severe conditions: high temperatures, influence of high hydrostatic pressure, rapid changes of temperature and pressure, oil products insertion, tensile stresses. ELKAM supplies wires manufactured in accordance with the Russian standard GOST and adapted to these conditions as much as possible.

PCP accessories

Accessories for progressive cavity pumps are various protectors, preventers, valves, torque anchors used to exclude emergencies and simplify technological operations performance upon oil production by PCPs.