Surface drive

Compact size surface drive is mounted precisely on the wellhead. It is used to transfer rotary movement from electric engine to the sucker rod string as well as to seal wellhead. Surface drive of PCP is used for production of high and middle viscosity oil, oil with high solids content and watercut. At the same time it allows to decrease expenses for energy consumption up to 20%.

Subsurface drive

Subsurface drive (submersible electric motor) serves as a converter of electric power to mechanical power of pump rotation. Subsurface drive operates in deep, deviated and horizontal wells. It is also efficient for production of high viscosity oil with high solids content. The main advantages of submersible electric motor are: absence of sucker rods parting and unwinding, exclusion of probability of improper fitting of rotor and stator, lower power consumption.

Control box

Control box is used to control operation of PCP electric engine with a capacity from 3 kW to 45 kW. ELKAM provides control boxes with VSD and intellectual control boxes. Operation of control boxes with VSD ensures reliable operation of pumping unit and electric engine protecting from overheating, overloading, short circuiting, etc. Application of intellectual control boxes allows to automatize equipment operation, optimize oil production, remotely control and change the main parameters of system operation.