PCP accessories


ELKAM provides blow-out preventers (BOPs) made from high-grade cast iron with carbon steel rams manufactured in accordance with the Russian standards GOST 27743 and GOST 13862-90. BOPs are used for wellhead sealing and as the result for preventing oil spill during well maintenance and normally operate at the temperature from 55 °С above zero to 40 °С below zero.


Range of valves manufactured by ELKAM operated with progressive cavity pumps includes check valves designed for reliable holding of fluid within tubing string and pipeline upon pump shutdown, combined valve assemblies, buffering valves used for decrease of wellhead pressure, drain valves (membrane, with breakable plug), shutoff and flush valves used for direct washover of tubing from asphalt-resin-wax deposits (ARWD).

Torque anchor

Torque anchor is used for fixation of PCP stator inside casing upon pumping set operation. Its application excludes unwinding of tubing and pump during pump operation. ELKAM supplies anchors for casing 140, 146 and 168 mm with various wall thickness. The main advantages of these anchors are high reliability anchoring regardless of well pressure, decrease of frequency and period of well repairing, low price.