Sucker rod pump set

Sucker rod pump (SRP)

Oil production by sucker rod pumps is one of the widely used methods of artificial lift in the world. Being a function element of sucker rod pumping set SRPs are operated by sucker rod string from a surface drive. SRPs have a wide range of pump pressure and flow rate. These pumps are manufactured in accordance with Russian standard GOST 31835-2012 and international standard API 11-AX. They can be conventional (insert or tubing), specialized (for complicated operating conditions) and customized (designed as per customer’s request).


Sucker rod pump drive is a surface part of sucker rod pumping set designed for generation (creation) of reciprocating movement of rods string and a pump. Our company supplies drives of various types: beam pump, hydraulic, belt drive and linear rod pumps mounted at wellhead and on the base. Loading capacity of drives varies up to 16 tons, stroke length of polished rod – up to 7,4 meters.

Sucker rods

Sucker rods are applied for transmission of reciprocating movement to downhole pump and rotation movement to the rotor of PCP from surface drive. Our company supplies various types of sucker rods: conventional solid sucker rods, hollow sucker rods for specialized solutions, flexible cable rod for deviated wells and other types of sucker rods. Besides we supply polished rods (solid and hollow).

Wellhead equipment

Wellhead equipment is applied for hermetic sealing and flow spreading (distribution) of fluid and injecting chemicals as well as for hanging of tubing. ELKAM provides various types of wellhead equipment for different well operation methods including simultaneous oil production and injection.

SRP accessories

Additional equipment for sucker rod pumps includes various devices applied for efficiency improvement of main equipment and making technological operations easier such as valves of various applications, filters, anchors, on/off tools, etc.