Beam pumping unit

Beam pumping unit is a mechanism which puts a downhole pump into operation during artificial lift. It turns rotary movement of engine shaft into reciprocating movement of sucker rods and sucker rod string. Our company supplies beam pumping units with load capacity 6, 8 and 12 tons and stroke length from 1.2 to 5 meters. These beam pumping units allow efficient oil production from the depth up to 2000 meters.

Hydraulic pumping unit

Hydraulic pumping unit (HPU) is an alternative to beam pumping unit used for oil production by SRP. It is installed on the well site and can be applied for dual operation of wells, implementing simultaneous double lift. We supply HPUs – modular, closed-type and mobile – with loading capacity 6, 8, 12 and 16 tons, stroke length of polished rod up to 6 meters and 3-5 strokes per minute.

Belt drive

Belt drive is used for putting sucker rod pump into operation during well fluid production. It allows operating high rate wells including those with high viscosity oil, and wells with additional casing strings of small diameter without efficiency loss. Belt drives line of our company includes drives with loading capacity from 8 to 20 tons and stroke length of polished rod up to 8 meters.

Linear rod pump

Linear rod pump (LRP) of SRP is a rack-and-pinion drive which ensures reciprocating movement of downhole pump in a well by rotating of induction motor back and forth. The drive consists of mounting base, electric engine, gear box, gear, pillar (body), removable cover, rod clamp and control box. Linear drives manufactured by ELKAM have stroke length up to 1.6 meters, loading capacity 8 tons and explosion-proof design.

Control box

For optimization and automatization of oil production process and also for decreasing of expenses for power consumption our company develops and manufactures control boxes which are able to ensure full protection of the whole pumping set preventing accidents. Also they ensure full independence of operations even in the simplest package. ELKAM’s line of control boxes include VFD and intellectual control boxes with the ability of connection of additional control devices (telemetry systems; sensors of pressure, vibration, temperature, rod position; etc.)