SRP accessories


Protectors – gas sand anchor, filter with adjusting clearance, sand prevention pipe, gas separator, etc. are applied for protection and decrease of wearing of pump main parts as well as for increase of pump flow rate in complicated oil production conditions such as high content of solids and gas.


ELKAM supplies wide range of valves for sucker rod pumps – flush valves for flushing of tubing string using injection of special fluids, well killing and treatment of formation upon tubing string shut on wellhead; valves with breakable plug and membrane valves for fluid draining from tubing string upon pullout.

Seating assemblies

Seating assemblies are used for insert pump installation inside tubing and hold of liquid column above the pump. We supply collet seating assemblies designed in accordance with the Russian standard GOST of ОМ-60, ОМ-73, ОМ-89 types; seating assemblies of NМ-60, NМ-73, NМ-89 types manufactured according to API standard; cone in cone type ОА-32, ОА-44, ОА-57; cup type; friction type.

On/off tools

ELKAM manufactures and supplies on/off tools used for connection of plunger of a pump to sucker rod string upon installation of a barrel in combination with plunger as well as on/off tools for connection/disconnection of SRP plunger to/from sucker rod string. It is also used when SRP plunger diameter exceeds tubing string ID.