Sucker rod pump (SRP)

Oil production by sucker rod pumps is one of the widely used methods of artificial lift in the world. Being a function element of sucker rod pumping set SRPs are operated by sucker rod string from a surface drive. SRPs have a wide range of pump pressure and flow rate. These pumps are manufactured in accordance with Russian standard GOST 31835-2012 and international standard API 11-AX. They can be conventional (insert or tubing), specialized (for complicated operating conditions) and customized (designed as per customer’s request).

Insert SRP

Insert SRPs are lowered inside the tubing as an assembled unit with sucker rods. They are anchored in mechanical, cup or friction type seating nipples. Depending on the barrel type (thin/heavy wall, travelling/non-travelling) and seating nipple placement (top/bottom) these pumps have special designations: according to Russian standard GOST: NB1B and NB2B , according to API 11-AX: RHAM, RHBM, RWAF, RWBF, RHTFS, RHAC, RHBC. Insert pumps manufactured by ELKAM have nominal size from 1 1/16” up to 2 1/4” and can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Tubing SRP

ELKAM manufactures tubing SRPs with nominal size from 1 1/4" up to 4 3/4". These pumps can be fitted with retrievable plunger (catcher) or drain valve (membrane or with breakable plug). Depending on availability of catcher and type of drain device tubing SRPs have the following denomination: according to Russian standard GOST - NN2B, NNSh, NNB, NNBA, according to API 11-AX - THM-S, THM, THC. At customer’s order pumps can be completed with barrels, plungers and valve pairs of various materials and additionally fitted with on/off tool, gas-sand anchor or sand prevention pipe.

Specialized SRP

Specialized sucker rod pumps are insert and tubing SRPs with nominal size from 1 1/6” up to 4 3/4" specially developed for complicated oil production conditions when application of conventional SRPs becomes inefficient or impossible. Presently we offer solutions for high GOR; high solids content; high viscosity and emulsions; asphalt-wax-resin deposits (ARWD); deviated, low and deep wells.