Turn key solutions

Multiformation production

Technology of multiformation oil production allows recovering of oil simultaneously from two formations of a single well with separate flow rate measuring of each formation; increasing oil production; involving idle formations and reducing drill footage. For dual formation oil production the following pump types can be used: SRP-SRP, ESP-SRP as well as ESP-ESP, natural flow-natural flow. Sucker rod pumps can be specially designed for complicated well conditions or equipped with accessories.

Multiformation production & injection

Dual pumping and bottom-hole agent injection equipment is used upon exploitation of oilfields with such complications as high viscosity and ARWD when bottom-hole formation zone treatment is necessary. Equipment set includes specialized sucker rod pump with hollow rod for agent injection below the pump. Application of flush valve allows, if necessary, valves washing of differential pump and well killing. Overheated steam can be used as an agent for bottom-hole formation treatment (in this case all the equipment should be heat-resistant).

Well warm-up and flushing

Hollow rod warm-up and flush equipment is used for hot flushing of oil wells operated by submersible sucker rod pumps and complicated by asphalt-resin-wax deposits (ARWD) where tubes are used to build production string and hollow rods with couplings used as a heat transfer agent duct. Equipment is mounted once together with pump during well servicing and left in well. There is no clogging of pump operating elements during washover of tubing string.

Oil production equipment for simultaneous seal of leakage interval

Technology and set of equipment for simultaneous seal of leakage intervals are used for oil production from old wells with flow rate up to 75 m3/day and defected casing (leaking) without making expensive workover. The main advantage of equipment application is saving time and money for workover of wells with defected casing. Equipment set can be mounted during well servicing with application of conventional tools.

High Gas-Oil-Ratio

For production of oil with high GOR ELKAM provides the following solutions: 1) specialized two-stage sucker rod pump with additional top valve which allows to shut off hydrostatic fluid column from discharge valve, thus creating low-pressure chamber above the travelling valve; 2) tubing sucker rod pump of THM-G (NNSHG) type plunger of which is made as valve plunger with plate-type seal of hard alloy travelling valve; 3) sucker rod pump with gas discharge tip which is used for the purpose of positive opening travelling valve; 4) gas separator designed for efficient high-capacity formation fluid gas separation.

High solids content

For efficient oil production in conditions of high solids content we manufacture and supply specialized pumps with “Sandshaver” plunger, wiper seal plunger or plunger with sealing rings; as well as SRP and ESP accessories: gas-sand anchors, filters, pipe scale collectors. These accessories increase efficiency of oil production unit operation, significantly decrease negative influence of solids on operating pump elements and as the result increase oilfield equipment runlife (prevent blocking and operation stopping).

Viscous oil

The most widespread problem of viscous oil production is leakages which appear as valves cannot be closed on time. As the solution of this problem our specialists developed specialized sucker rod pump SPeaR. It has the nominal size from 1 3/4 " to 2 3/4", plunger stroke length up to 6000 mm (19,7 ft), mechanical sealing with eccentric rings and positive opening plate-type standing valve. Besides SPeaR pump is operated together with flexible cable rod for oil production from deviated wells.

Lateral holes and deviated wells

Equipment set with flexible cable rod (specialized sucker rod pump SPeaR + flexible cable rod) is used for operation of wells with lateral holes of small diameter (pump is located directly in lateral hole below dynamic fluid level) as well as deviated wells for decrease of friction between sucker rods and tubing string. Lateral hole deviation angle at pump setting place is up to 62 degrees. Pump setting depth is up to 2200 meters. This equipment avoids problems with rod couplings joints (loose or tighten connections; swabbing effect; breakings because of ends defects and corrosion).