Repair & overhaul, warranty maintenance


ELKAM’s department of servicing and repair of pumping equipment performs: repair, overhaul and warranty maintenance of all types of downhole pumps drives: beam pumps, hydraulic and belt drives, linear rod pumps as well as downhole motors of ESPs and PCPs; drives commissioning and start-up; inspection of drives technical condition with the following recommendations for isolation of detected faults. We provide full service – from preventive replacement of bearings lubricant to full cycle of drives overhaul.

Submersible equipment

Each oil production company faces a problem of choosing a reliable and experienced contractor for repair of submersible equipment. ELKAM has its own workshop for repair the following downhole oil production equipment (conventional and specialized): sucker rods (solid, hollow, flexible cable); tubing; downhole pumps (SRPs, PCPs, ESPs); packers; equipment sets for simultaneous oil production and injection, etc. A list of repair works performed by our specialist includes cleaning of equipment from contamination, non-destructive testing (inspection), identification of defects, replacement of worn-out parts, equipment assembly and testing.

Control boxes

ELKAM has electrical laboratory where repair and modernization of control boxes are performed: replacement of defected modules and installation of new modules; testing; technological cutting of body; manufacturing and installation of supports (brackets) and other fixing components for the following installation of control box modules; body painting, printing and marking.

Well deparaffination unit

Well deparaffination unit (WDU) is used for dewaxing of tubing string of natural flow, gas-lift and ESP wells. ELKAM’s service department performs WDUs repair and commissioning including inspection / replacement of rollers, laying device, gear box, lubricator and motor. All the works are performed by trained and qualified personnel.