Complicated well fund operation


ELKAM provides full service for control and analysis of operation of wells with submersible pumping equipment: visual inspection of wells; measuring of well fluid level by depth sounding method; well fluid sampling; dynamogram interpretation of conditions (factors) caused pump operation decrease or stopping using dynamometry method; selection of necessary repair type and control for quality of repairing.


Operation of oil production equipment is accompanied by continuous and irreversible changes in assemblies and fittings caused by wearing, deformations, corrosion and other factors, accumulation and overlapping of which lead to decrease of oil production equipment operating characteristics and its failure. Correct maintenance and operation allow to decrease costs for its repair significantly and increasing its runlife. ELKAM provides full package of works for maintenance and integrity of oil production equipment including drives, wellhead equipment and control boxes.

Operation mode enhancement

Operation mode enhancement is primarily aimed at production growth and increase of TBO as well as wells maintenance by performance of various geo-technical works such us: bottom-hole formation zone treatment; commingling; additional perforation and re-perforation; deposits prevention and removal of them; operation mode enhancement and changing of operation method; etc. ELKAM provides full package of works aimed at operation mode enhancement of pumping sets and their selection.