Well servicing & workover

Well servicing

Our specialists perform full package of works for inspection; replacement of submersible pumping equipment; cleaning of equipment, well ID and well bottom-hole from various deposits. Besides we perform workover actions for recovery and increase of wells potential productivity: equipping of wells when putting into operation; well shifting; operation method enhancement; well servicing (inspection and replacement of equipment, tubing cleaning and steaming, elimination of sucker rods breaking and leakage, hydraulic testing, etc.); bottom-hole cleaning and washing; trials for testing of new types of submersible equipment; etc.


ELKAM teams perform full service for workover of wells: cementing; casing sealing; recompletion and commingling, implementation and repairing of pumping equipment sets for multi-formation production and injection; bottom-hole formation zone treatment; well survey; well suspension and re-entry; well killing; well shifting for another purpose; etc. All the works are performed under supervision of highly qualified specialists strictly according to the requirements of technical instructions, environmental, health and safety rules.


ELKAM provides full service for turn-key construction of deviated and horizontal wells upon side-tracking: selection of optimal drilling parameters; whipstock installation, orientation and casing window cutting; side-hole casing by extension pipe lowering; performance of geophysical works. Work is performed by experienced drilling specialists, maintenance engineers, highly qualified personnel of technological and geological departments able to take proper and good decisions.